September 3, 2004

Heads of Immigration Agencies Endanger Americans
Aguilar and Cerda Not To Be Believed

David Aguilar is head of the Border Patrol. Victor Cerda is Acting Director of the Office of Detention and Removal (DRO). Shown here at congressional hearing. -- (Barnett nailed Aguilar) -- (Bad news about Victor Cerda)
New border chief (Aguilar) says southwest border is secure - Daily Sentinel
Border Isn't Secure -- Sierra Vista Herald Editorial
   "The Border Patrol's enforcement efforts have gotten better, but illegal Mexican immigrants continue to enter our nation through our deserts, as do illegal drugs, other contraband and a host of other foreign nationals.
    "To all us living in Cochise County, these are not the signs of a secure border. "

Cerda Says Terrorists Aren't Released - MSNBC
    "We are not compromising national security," says Victor Cerda....
    "But agents say they only have a few hours for basic checks of terror watch lists and criminal records. They warn that without detentions and longer investigations, terrorists who  use aliases or don't have criminal records could well be home-free."

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