September 1, 2004

Arizona to Decide Kolbe's Future Next Tuesday
Open borders advocate likely to get boot in Republican primary

Illegal Isn't Illegal (he continues to say this to this day)
O'Reilly Factor -- July, 2000
Kolbe: It's not illegal for them to come across the border, under the immigration law, until they've come across the border illegally the third time....
O'Reilly: But it's illegal to enter this country without proper documentation.
Kolbe: No, it's not.
O'Reilly: It's not. I didn't know that.

Bill King (A former Chief U.S. Border Patrol Agent and former head of the Border Patrol Academy): It astounds me that a member of congress would make a statement like that because he is 100% wrong.
Red DotAlso: Kolbe gets $2 million for Hispanic group
Red DotTime to Boot Kolbe - Elect Randy Graf

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