August 26, 2004

ABP Nabs 21 Live on the Internet
Directs Border Patrol to Group

Infrared Camera Catches Invaders
Palominas, Arizona - August 25
    Proving once again that it has the technology to stop the invasion of the United States, American Border Patrol, a non-profit, tax-exempt foundation, found twenty-one illegal aliens invading the United States last evening. The group had made it past Border Patrol agents who were posted near the border. Using its IR-250 infrared camera, the ABP team spotted the group heading north toward Arizona State Route 92. They immediately called the Border Patrol and moved in closer to aid in the apprehension. The entire event was broadcast live on the Internet to thousands of Americans.
    The top image at left shows the group when first detected. The lower image was taken before the Border Patrol arrived. Seeing how the IR camera worked, one agent exclaimed, "gee, I wish we had one of those."
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