August 25, 2004

Rove Tries to Silence Party Members
Republicans not to speak of illegal immigration

John and Ken Blow the Whistle
John and Ken Show - KFI, Aug. 24
"Sources say that in recent weeks word has come out from Karl Rove's office that Republican congressional candidates who fail to "stay away" from the issue of illegal immigration risk losing the financial support of their national party." - John and Ken Show  Windows Media Player FormatListen to clips from Tuesday's show
Meanwhile, back at the ranch
But in Arizona, Randy Graf has forced Jim Kolbe (R) is to talk about it, despite Rove....
Kolbe faces serious challenge from within party

(AP) - Graf has focused on illegal immigration to give voters "a choice on whether we want to continue with the status quo or go with someone who actually will do something about securing our border and protecting the people living along it."

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