August 20, 2004

Schumer Warns of Smuggled Nuclear Weapon
Hutchinson fails to tell America how it could be done

Hutchinson is silent on ABP's "WMD" smuggling demonstration. He must know about it.
U.S. Senate Hearing on Federal Law Enforcement and Border Security - CSPAN - August 19, 2004
Sen. Schumer: One of my great worries, and I think many of us share this, but particularly I've been focused on this, is that somebody slip a nuclear weapon into our country and, god forbid, explode it. I don't mean a dirty bomb, I mean a nuclear weapon. And there are a lot of different ways to focus on this. One way is to buy them all up overseas. That is an important job - we should do everything we can - it is next to an impossible job. It seems to me the better way to do this is to be at the choke point. That is, the place where a nuclear weapon would be smuggled into this country.
...Technologically it's feasible to develop detectors that you could put on every crane that loaded a container bound for the United States, on every toll booth for a truck that entered our borders. Those are the only two ways you can bring a nuclear weapon here into this country.

No mention of ABP WMD:
Asa Hutchinson did not tell Schumer that American Border Patrol had smuggled a "WMD" (it had a nuclear symbol on it) across the Mexican border - twice. His commitment to open borders trumped America's need to know the risk it is facing.
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