August 19, 2004

Calif. Driver's Licenses for Illegals?
Reconquista claims he is close to a deal with governor

'One Bill Gil' the Mexican Reconquista
Double-talking Gil Cedillo says governor is lying about need for mark on licenses for illegal aliens. (Contact the governor)
Cedillo Wants Unrestricted Licenses
Lou Dobbs Tonight - August 18, 2004
Dobbs: California governor Schwarzenegger says hold on a minute, that he has not, in point of fact, reached an agreement with you. That, in point of fact, he maintains a heightened concern about national security, that he wants a separate mark on any drivers license that would be issued. Is that what he is communicating to you?
Cedillo: We have addressed all the concerns that the governor has... the mark will serve no purpose.....The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) tells us and all the airlines tell us anyone can board an airline if they have a consular ID card.
Dobbs: ...If they can board a plane with a Matricula Consular card, which is often fraudulent as you know, then the TSA ought to have its head examined and we need a congressional investigation then.

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