August 12, 2004

Bush Takes Step in Right Direction
Bypassing deportation hearings a baby step - all illegals must be deported

From Scarborough Country (with Pat Buchanan -- MSNBC) - August 11, 2004 - Author is Heather MacDonald.
Buchanan hits cultural issue during program on deportation hearings
(reads paragraph shown on chart at left) That is about the gloomiest paragraph I have heard about open borders and mass immigration.
Heather MacDonald: If you look at the facts, and not just propaganda, we are not assimilating the children and grandchildren of Hispanics the way we should. Many are being drawn into gang crime. Cities are feeling this with the spiraling increase in gang crime.
     But if I can just get back to the border issue, the reason people are coming here illegally is because they know they don't have a right to be here. The reason they ask for a deportation hearing is because they know they will be released into the country. The reason they don't show up for the hearing is because they know they will be deported.
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