August 8, 2004

Border Is Issue in Arizona Race
Incumbent says border can't be controlled

Can't Enforce Borders
Arizona Daily Star -- August 8AP Internal Use Only

    Kolbe, in one of the few areas of agreement with his opponent, said he, too, recognizes the need to reform the nation's immigration laws. But, he noted, "You can't enforce something that is essentially non-enforceable."
    Over the past decade, Kolbe said, the number of Border Patrol agents has shot up 500 percent, yet the "incursion problem" hasn't abated.
Note from Glenn Spencer: I debated Kolbe last January. I told him that ABP was tracking 20 illegal aliens while he was telling a meeting that illegals can't be stopped. I have a plan to show how the borders can be enforced, but I need your help to do it. Red DotHelp Glenn show how the borders can be enforced. Make a tax- deductible donation to American Border Patrol.

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