August 5, 2004

American Border Patrol Exposes Threat
Smuggled "WMD" Same Day Terrorist Arrested

Glenn Spencer of American Patrol is interviewed on the Mexican border by Joe Dana, KPNX News (NBC -- Aug. 3)
Lead story
12 News at Six (KPNX TV - NBC) Phoenix, August 3 (also aired at 10 p.m.)
Glenn Spencer: We've spent night after night, day after day, documenting what goes on.
Joe Dana: Glenn Spencer heads a non-profit watchdog group. He says this three mile San Pedro corridor as it's known is rarely policed.
Spencer: It's highway 101, right into the United States.
Dana: Last month Spencer demonstrated how a terrorist might sneak a weapon of mass destruction into the United States, coincidentally, the same day federal officials at this Texas airport detained a Middle Eastern with suspected Al Qaeda ties. She crossed the Rio Grande and crawled through brush to enter the U.S.
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Red DotCall and Demand Resumption of Border Patrol Sweeps

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