August 4, 2004

Speaker of the House On Our Side
Dennis Hastert Speaks Out on Illegal Immigration

Hastert on MSNBC
Scarborough Country -- August 3, 2004
Dennis Hastert
: "...I was an advocate of putting the military on the border of putting a fence along that border, not to keep people out but to move people in in an orderly way so you can check to see who is coming in... And I don't favor an amnesty because when you create an amnesty situation you create another amnesty down the road because people think, well I can come in, I'll wait around, lay low, until then next amnesty comes."
Pat Buchanan: "...What the Speaker just told you, I wish he would tell the President of the United States."
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Red DotCall and Demand Resumption of Border Patrol Sweeps

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