July 29, 2004

ABP Delivers 'WMD' to Tucson Federal Building
Group Shows How Arizona Can be "Ground Zero" for Terrorists

ABP's Mike King, the man who smuggled the "WMD" across the border, approaches entrance to Tucson Federal Building with "WMD" in backpack.
Federal Officer Does Not Question Backpack Contents
Tucson - July 28 - American Border Patrol delivered a "smuggled" simulated Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) to the front entrance of the Tucson Federal Building after skirting around a Border Patrol Check point near Sierra Vista. As the team approached the building, a federal officer emerged and asked them not to video tape the area. He asked for their IDs, but did not inquire as to what was in the backpack. Watch...
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Terrorist Came Across Border
July 28, 2004 -- Lou Dobbs reports that a South African woman linked to terrorist organizations entered the U.S. by crossing the Mexican border illegally.
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