July 28, 2004

ABP 'Smuggles' Second 'WMD' Into U.S.
Group Shows How Arizona Can be "Ground Zero" for Terrorists

Mike King -- ABP
Mike King Stars in Border Role
Mike King, American Border Patrol's Technical Director, has taken on a starring role in the non-profit's effort to expose the threat America faces from terrorists smuggling Weapons of Mass Destruction into the U.S. With excellent camera work by ABP's Director of Operations, Mike Christie, King, a former Army sniper, shows just how easy it is for terrorists to bring a WMD into the United States undetected. -- King and Christie repeated the feat they performed on July 19. [Note: Crew may have entered Mexico - Click here for info]
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 "....Arizona was ground zero for Muslim extremism and Al Qaeda training." Scarborough Country, July 23, 2004

Red DotPressure D.C. to Expand Border Patrol Sweeps

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