July 25, 2004

O'Reilly Spins -- Fox News Attacks
Traitor Lies About Public Support for Bush Plan

Traitor Bill O'Reilly Schmoozes with Mexican Reconquista Juan Hernandez (Image above represents O'Reilly interview).
The O'Reilly Factor, July 23, 2004
The Big Spin
"You do the guest worker program that Bush has instituted. And if you stay out of trouble and get a job, you can work toward legalization. Most Americans are OK with that."
: Every poll taken shows AT LEAST 70% of Americans oppose Bush's proposal. O'Reilly is not only spinning, he is lying.
Using Gestapo tactics, Fox News is attacking American Patrol, with a phony claim of copyright infringement - a blatant attempt to suppress the truth.
[Note: If the American Patrol website is down tomorrow you will know why]
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