July 21, 2004

ABP Brings "WMD" Across Border Fence*
Video shows "Smuggling" of simulated Weapon of Mass Destruction

ABP personnel cross the border fence* and head north carrying a simulated WMD in a back pack. (* - Fence is a few feet inside U.S., thus no border violation occurred)
Border Problems Exposed
Arizona/Mexico Border -- July 20 -- As shown in new video, a simulated Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) was successfully brought into the United States across the Mexico border fence* Monday night. While the "WMD" contained nothing but foam rubber, American Border Patrol (ABP) performed the mission to demonstrate how a terrorist might bring a real WMD into the U.S. "We were careful in making this video to avoid giving terrorists any aid in performing a real mission," said Glenn Spencer, president of ABP. ABP did not seek to embarrass the Border Patrol, but to point out the need for more resources. Watch......
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