July 20, 2004

The Muck Stops Here
Mayor of Gilbert, Arizona Fights Illegal Invasion

Mayor Steven Berman speaks at PAN rally on June 3, 2004. Watch...
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Mayor Steven Berman - Protect Arizona Now rally in Phoenix, June 3rd Laughable Mexican ID
    "Accepting the Matricula card is not about how people in our community get goods and services, it's about endorsement of something else. The something else is the Matricula card and how it links to illegal immigration. I was asked to speak at a Montessori school... when I was there speaking the first person I got to speak to was the counsel general of Mexico and the first words out of his mouth were are you going to accept the Matricula card.
    "...As a matter of federal law, any alien who is in the country more than thirty days has to register with the federal government and get an ID card.
    "...There is not a tangible reason for us to accept the card and there are plenty of reasons not to."

Red DotGilbert will meet Thursday to consider
the Matricula card. Contact them.

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