July 18, 2004

Terrorists Coming In From Mexico
Attempt to Attack America a Certainty

Who are these people? Group of illegal aliens found by American Border Patrol on July 5, 2004. (Support ABP)
The New threat from the South
Congressman John Culberson (R-Tx) told the John and Ken Show (KFI Radio, L.A.) Friday that he has received information from Southern District U.S. Attorney Michael Shelby (Texas) that Al Qaida members have been entering from our southern border and have been entering through Texas and blending into towns.
    "The Department of Homeland Security tells us that there is a 100 percent chance that terrorists will try to attack our country before the November election," Culberson reports on his Web page.

Culberson Passes Amendment on Matricula Consular Cards
"The FBI has testified to Congress under oath that the Matricula Consular card is a completely unreliable form of identification 'due to the non-existence of any means of verifying the true identity of the card-holder,'" Congressman Culberson said. (Arizona town moves to approve Matricula Consular cards.) (contact the town of Gilbert, Arizona)

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