July 17, 2004

The Big Wave... and the Big Lie
Mexican propagandist pours it on

Lou Dobbs Tonight, July 15 (CNN)
Jorge Ramos is an anchorman for Spanish language Univision
Ramos: ... The trend is toward this Latinization process for the United States.
Dobbs: That is a demographic fact, it is also a result of an immigration policy...seventy percent of the population growth in this country is immigration....
Ramos: What I can tell you is that this trend is going to continue.
Dobbs: It's going to continue if we leave the status quo where it is, and the question is, should we do that?
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THE BIG LIE: Ramos: "The most comprehensive study ever conducted by the National Academy of Sciences. They say that all immigrants, legal and undocumented, contribute more than ten billion dollars to the economy of this country..." FACT: The study showed that, for example, each Latin American immigrant family (legal and illegal) cost California taxpayers $10,015. Contributing to the economy is not the same as contributing to the tax base.

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