July 16, 2004

IAF Rears its Ugly Head
Secretive Group Organized L.A. Convention Center Protest

"...do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral arguments ..." Rule 10 of Rules for Radicals. 
Meeting at L.A. Convention Center -- A Plan for a Revolution
"Thousands gathered at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Sunday to hear an advocacy group's plans for improving education, health, housing, employment and public safety in the county." - L.A. Times, July 12, 2004 -- (Also see this Daily News story)
Comment: It was nothing of the kind. It was a meeting organized by the Industrial Areas Foundation to radicalize the Latino community into action for drivers licenses for illegal aliens and full amnesty. IAF has powerful allies, including the Catholic Church, and can move thousands into action on short notice. It did so in concert with INS/ Citizenship USA.

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