July 12, 2004

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How to Make Illegal Immigration
a Presidential Campaign Issue
Watchdog Group Seeks Public Support
A Message from American Border Patrol
"This summer may be America's last chance to control its borders. Borders would be non-existent under Kerry (his national campaign co-chair is an agent of Mexico). A lame-duck Bush would push for his guest worker program, otherwise known as amnesty.
We must make illegal immigration a presidential campaign issue, and American Border Patrol has the tools to do it."
---- Glenn Spencer
What ABP can do
We have proven that we can use Border Hawk UAVs and ground based cameras and sensors to spot intruders.
We have proven that we can report directly to the American people live on the Internet how poorly the borders are being protected.
We can force the issue onto the national stage.
What you can do
Volunteer to help
Send a donation to American Border Patrol. (Remember, this is a BIG job.)
How to donate: Send a check (tax deductible) to: American Border Patrol, 2601 E. Fry Blvd. #426, Sierra Vista, Arizona 85635, or call 1-800-600-8642, or donate online.

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