July 11, 2004

Border Scam Afoot?
Group Makes Outrageous Claims - Why?

Why the Deception?
In April they claimed to have 500,000 notarized signatures. Now they say it's is over 1.5 million. "They claim they have mailed out more than 38 million letters," said Glenn Spencer of American Patrol, "that would cost at least 8 million dollars, and I simply don't believe it." Professional signature gatherers share his skepticism. "I don't know what these people are up to, but I resent anyone who tries to exploit our border problem for personal gain," Spencer said. "I know of only one person who has received a letter from these people," he added.
Note: Protect Arizona Now spent nearly $500,000 to collect 190,000 signatures - and individual signatures were not notarized. American Border Patrol spent 18 months gathering 100,000 signed petitions, after mailing out more than one million letters. The signatures were not notarized.

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