July 9, 2004

"Swill-spewing Spokeshole"?
Asa Hutchinson's Embarrassing Performance

\Swill\, n.
1. The wash, or mixture of liquid substances, given to swine;
America is in Big Trouble
In an embarrassing performance, Undersecretary for Border and Transportation Security, Asa Hutchinson, refused to say anything of meaning in a nearly thirty-minute interview on the John and Ken Show yesterday. Despite a heroic effort by John Kobylt to get him to say the recent enforcement sweeps would be continued, Hutchinson dodged the question and continued to speak in generalities and bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo. Kobylt has called the White House press person a "swill-spewing spokeshole." That description may well apply to the performance Hutchinson gave yesterday.
    John asked him if the roundups would continue at some time in the future. He asked the question ten times and Hutchinson refused to answer the question. (started asking 17 minutes into the audio.)
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