July 6, 2004

ABP Makes Historic Live Night Internet Capture
Detection, tracking and apprehension of illegals shown live on World Wide Web

Group of 19 illegal aliens head north. This was the second group spotted Monday night.
Another first for pioneering non-profit
Lighted only by the Milky Way, last night American Border Patrol detected, tracked, located, reported and the Border Patrol apprehended 18 illegal aliens just north of the Mexican border in Southeastern Arizona. While ABP has performed this feat many times in the past, this is the first time the entire event was shown live on the Internet. Americans could sit at their computers and watch as the drama unfolded. From first detection to final apprehension by the Border Patrol, the mission lasted an hour and a half. (ABP had spotted another group earlier in the evening but they were too far off to close the distance.)AP Internal Use Only

18 illegal aliens (one ran off into the woods) sit on ground waiting for Border Patrol.
High Technology
ABP used night vision scopes, an infrared camera, ground sensors, video link by radio, and a mobile satellite link to perform the feat. --- It took the Border Patrol about thirty minutes to reach the aliens. "I believe this is the first time in history Americans have watched the entire process of stopping illegal aliens live and at night," said Glenn Spencer of ABP. --- After detecting the group at a distance, the ABP camera team moved into position for close-ups. At first they couldn't find the aliens as they had laid down in the woods. Patience and determination paid off and the aliens were located in heavy brush and woods.

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