July 4, 2004

Politicians vs. The People
Protect Arizona Now Pits People vs. Elected Representatives

Br. Charles Fitzsimmons of St. Matthew Church in Tucson, Arizona, June 29, 2004.
Shoot Out at OK Corral?
Arizona Reps oppose initiative that will likely be on the ballot
Catholic Brother Speaks - June 29, 2004 - Tucson
    "My name is Brother Charles. I'm at St. Matthew Church, right down the street on Van Buren. I was present at the Arizona Chamber of Commerce meeting in March where Representatives Flake and Kolbe flatly turned down Protect Arizona Now."
Red DotWatch this video clip from American Patrol and notice how the Latino man refuses to let Br. Charles answer a question about the Border Patrol UAVs saving lives.
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Randy Graf is running against Kolbe and was one of the sponsors of PAN

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