July 2, 2004

Worksite Immigration Enforcement to Increase
Hutchinson Says Budget Almost Doubled

Asa Hutchinson, Undersecretary for Border and Transportation Security, Department of Homeland Security.
Lou Dobbs' "Tonight" -- CNN -- July 1, 2004
Dobbs:Fifty members of congress, including House Majority Leader Tom Delay, sent you a letter rather recently on June 24th, talking about the Mobile Patrol Groups.
Hutchinson:" Well, the Mobile Patrol Groups of the Border Patrol do interior check points, they also work in the transportation hubs, responding to intelligence - it's very appropriate, we support them tremendously, but we have in Homeland Security a number of groups involved in interior enforcement , worksite enforcement, which we're almost doubling the funding for that program. We have detention and removal teams, we have fugitive ops teams, so it's a matter of coordinating among those groups."
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