July 1, 2004

190,887 PAN Signatures Submitted
Will Be On November Ballot - See AP Story
150,019 Submitted by the Federation for American Immigration Reform's Coalition *
    2:15 pm PDT -- The Protect Arizona Now (PAN) campaign has submitted 190,887 signatures to the Arizona Secretary of State today, July 1. The measure will certainly qualify for the Arizona ballot.
    The Secretary of State will sample the petitions to verify that each signator is a citizen and that the petitions were completed properly. It is expected that at least the required 122,612 will be found to be valid and that the initiative will be on the ballot this November. See photos from Thursday's event.
*[Note: Coalition consists of FAIR, FAIR Congressional Task Force, Americans for Better Immigration, Americans for Immigration Control, Inc., and POPSTOP]
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From left, Arizona State Representatives Russell Pearce, Randy Graf and Dan Stein of the Federation of American Immigration Reform appear at Arizona State Capitol on June 29, 2004 -- More Photos

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