June 27, 2004

McCain Opposes Border Enforcement
Against UAVs That Can Save Lives

John McCain at recent Senate Hearing on Border Control.
McCain Opposes Border UAVs
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    ...An example of the government's wrongheaded approach, McCain said, is its recent introduction of unmanned aerial vehicles in Arizona that use thermal and night-vision equipment to help Border Patrol agents spot illegal immigrants.
    "That ignores the fundamental problem," he said. "Where there's a demand, there's a supply ... There's a demand for people to fill jobs that Americans won't do."
DotAlso: The nation that says "give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses" should not ignore the thousands of migrants... [See article containing this McCain rant at Nat'l Council of 'The Race' soiree]
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Red DotAmerican Border Patrol (ABP) comment: ABP recently had its headquarters, ten miles from the Mexican border, cleared of natural vegetation. It was hard work. It was done by a white, English-speaking woman, and her son (We have photographs). They did a fantastic job. When they completed the work last Sunday, they were to have a Mexican helper. He showed up 2 1/2 hours late... just as the job was just being finished. These were Americans who did a job a Mexican didn't want to do. -- Glenn Spencer

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