June 24, 2004

John & Ken Nail Reconquista Gutierrez
Popular Los Angeles KFI Radio Hosts Say No More Race Baiting 

No question about loyalty here. Juan Jose Gutierrez, left, talks during playing of U.S. National Anthem at 1994 event. Later he raised the "fist of defiance" with his hand over his heart during playing of Mexican National Anthem. Event was anti-187 rally in Los Angeles in October, 1994. Watch clips of this event.
John and Ken Show -- June 16, 2004
John Kobylt to Juan Jose Gutierrez: "This is the end of activists like you trying to intimidate politicians, or radio hosts, or anybody who speaks up for American taxpayers who are tired of paying the bill for some other country's problems. And the only weapon you have is shouting racism, and that is going to end, pal, and it is going to end right this minute."
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