June 18, 2004

Senate Hearing Reveals Massive Invasion
McCain and Kolbe Shocked!

Senator John McCain, left, and Rep. Jim Kolbe, right....dumb and dumber.
Lou Dobbs Tonight - June 17, 2004
Casey Wian (CNN): "Congressman Kolbe said that 155,000 people had been apprehended along the Arizona border in the first three months of this year."
Rep. Kolbe (to McCain): "That's about right, sir."
Sen. McCain: And they figure about one out of four or five are apprehended?"
Rep. Kolbe: "That's right."
Sen. McCain: "So, if you extrapolate those numbers, say 150,000 times four, that would be about 650,000 people attempting or crossing in just a three month period...that would be two million four hundred thousand in one year."

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