June 15, 2004

Border Patrol Sweeps to Continue
"We are going to continue doing these kinds of operations" - Border Patrol

Border Patrol Officer Speaks Out
KFI 640 AM - L.A. -- Monday, June 14 -- A San Diego Border Patrol official told the John and Ken Show that interior immigration enforcement of the type that set off a firestorm would continue in Southern California. Public Affairs Officer Steven McPartland said his office had received "hundreds and hundreds of emails and phone calls," after a concerned citizen named "Robin" had called. (The same "Robin" called American Patrol Monday morning and that led to an email and Web site alert. )
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Cedillo's Folly
Driver's Licenses for Illegals in California
Tues., June 15 -- The Senate Transportation Committee is due to vote on Gil Cedillo's outrageous SB1160 today after 1:30 pm. Spanish-language TV hammered this on their morning news shows this morning while mainstream English-language TV news ignored it. Contact Gov. Schwarzenegger and members of the committee today and voice your concerns about this dangerous bill.

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