June 14, 2004

Sheriff Baca Says ENOUGH!
Speaks at Terry Anderson Fund Raiser

L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca
Illegal Aliens - Enough!
La Cañada Flintridge, Calif. -- June 12 (American Patrol) -- Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca: "The point is that we have a problem and that problem is our tax dollars being watered down because we don't have the ability to get support from the federal government because its their jobs to take care of the borders, it's their job to take care of us locally for our expenses. And if we don't demand that, they will pretend that there is no problem in California and they will pretend there is no problem in the United States. This is unacceptable.
.... illegal aliens - enough!"
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URGENT!!! Border Patrol Needs Your Help!
The vast majority of Americans agree with the inland sweeps by the Border Patrol, the problem is they are only hearing complaints from Hispanics who want open borders. You must call or email the Border Patrol and Congress. -- Contact Border Patrol Public Affairs in San Diego [click here for contact information] -- and call your congressman toll free at (877) 762-8762 [other U.S. Congress contact info can be found here] -- Also give Hermandad Mexicana Nacional (of Dornan-Sanchez vote fraud fame, organizers of this outrageous protest against the BP) a call at (909) 391-0067. Tell these clowns what you think. Contact the Governor and ask him to support the expansion of raids to catch and remove invaders.

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