June 8, 2004

Border Groups Declare War on America
Open Defiance of Law Aids Mexican Invasion

"Mexico is recovering the territories ceded to the U.S. with migratory tactics." Elena Poniatowska [See this article in Spanish]
Group puts water tanks in Mexico
Ignacio Ibarra / Arizona Daily Star
    "Humane Borders, the Tucson-based private organization that places the blue barrels filled with water and marked by flags atop 20-foot poles along desert paths favored by illegal entrants, plans to have as many as a dozen new stations south of the border in projects involving partners from the United States and Mexico. [...]
    "Spencer said the placement of water stations is the clearest evidence yet that Humane Borders and other American humanitarian organizations are aiding and abetting Mexico in its effort to invade the border.
    "'They are sending their people north as a means of occupying and eventually placing their jurisdiction over large portions of the United States,' Spencer said. 'That means these people are traitors.'"

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