June 7, 2004

It's Time for the Army
Border Patrol Heads for Cover as Assault Rifle Rings Out

Shots fired eleven times
    "As the agent approached the truck, occupants fired 11 shots with an assault rifle and a handgun.
    "As the agent tried to head for safety, a fifth pickup deliberately slammed his marked patrol car, then fled into Mexico."

    Call your Senator, demand that the Senate adopt the House measure - H.AMDT.532 (Goode) -- to put troops on the border -- in the Defense Bill (HR 4200)

Call toll-free - (877) 762-8762
ABP COMMENT: The Border Patrol can't get its UAV working, while at the same time the Army is training UAV pilots at Ft. Huachuca. Even Robin Hoover says they will save lives.

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