June 1, 2004

End of Illegal Immigration (?)
Border Patrol to "Seal Border" Beginning Today

Composite photo of Glenn Spencer and group of suspected border intruders. "These are the last illegals," Spencer said in a taped interview Monday evening.
American Border Patrol Spots "Final 44"
Palominas, Arizona - June 1, 2004 -- In a mission to commemorate the final day of massive illegal immigration, American Border Patrol used its infrared camera to spot 44 border intruders in a one hour period last night (May 31). "This is the last night America is going to have a problem with its borders," said Spencer at the border, "so I thought we would come out here and commemorate it and see the last Mexicans, the last illegal aliens. It is certainly true that they are coming across tonight, but that is the last of it."
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