May 26, 2004

Ridge: Terrorists are Already Here... Or On The Way
Probably got here illegally 

Is this how the terrorists got in? American Border Patrol's infrared camera caught this group of illegal border crossers just north of the Mexican border. It could find no evidence that they were ever apprehended.
18,000 Potential al-Qaida Terrorists at Large, Think Tank Warns
"Al-Qaida must be expected to keep trying to develop more promising plans for terrorist operations in North America and Europe, potentially involving weapons of mass destruction," institute director John Chipman told a news conference to launch the annual survey.
"Terrorist may have come into the U.S. illegally." -- Julia Kayyam - MSNBC terrorism expert.
Border Hawk Spots Mysterious Truck
ABPs Border Hawk spotted a mysterious truck (shown at left -- click here for a larger image) speeding along the border road on the Mexico side while flying a mission on Wednesday morning at about 10:30 am PDT. The Border Hawk tracked the vehicle for some distance before returning to base.

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