May 20, 2004

Lawless Los Angeles
"Coyotes" and Hostages Go Free

From "Lou Dobbs Tonight" April 29
See April 30 American Patrol feature
Hostage Taking Now 'OK' in L.A.
'Mexican City' is Doomed
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After a stunning discovery of 110 illegal aliens crammed into a "safe-house" in Los Angeles, almost all of the illegals have been set free and charges were dropped against the smugglers. (See today's L.A. Times story). According to reports, federal law enforcement was simply "overwhelmed" by the case. "Word has already reached Mexico that there is absolutely no law enforcement in Los Angeles. This means the city is doomed," said Glenn Spencer of American Patrol.
Red DotContact the Traitorous City Council and the 'Mexican City' Mayor

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