April 30, 2004

Treasonous L.A. City Council Exposed
Twenty Eight Years of Sanctuary Leads to Slavery and Hostage Taking

Janice Hahn "shocked" that there were only 20 ICE agents in Los Angeles -- knowing that the LAPD will not cooperate with them anyway.
Lou Dobbs Hits Home Run
(...and where is O'Reilly?)
    Los Angeles (Lou Dobbs "Tonight") -- In another hard hitting expose, Lou Dobbs reported on a drop house crammed with 100 hostages in Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn's district. It had been there for two years. Hahn's brother, Mayor Jim Hahn, has called Los Angeles a "Mexican City."
   "The traitors who run Los Angeles and voted for Special Order 40, should not be in council chambers, they should be in prison," said Glenn Spencer of American Patrol.
    And the City Council approved hiring a new Chief of Police: "The candidate said he has a commitment to Special Order 40, and to serving all the residents, regardless of race, color, or legal status." -- More on Special Order 40

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