April 27, 2004

Sinkhole de Mayo
A Sign of the Times

All from Tuesday's L.A. Times....
State's Prisons Declare a Crisis
AP Internal Use Only
Department enacts emergency measures to cope with overcrowding, angering lawmakers.
Field Hand With TB Is Held in Jail AP Internal Use Only
He must undergo treatment in a Santa Barbara County cell until the disease clears.
Critics Attack Mayor's Budget AP Internal Use Only
Department managers warned of closed playgrounds and diminished code enforcement... [See FAIR fact sheet on Los Angeles]
Crowding at Prison Threatens Honor Program AP Internal Use Only
Dangerous criminals at the Lancaster facility are being housed with those who have pledged peace.
Gang Crackdown Sought in Pomona AP Internal Use Only
Saying that local police were "outnumbered," a Pomona councilwoman called Monday for a court order...
Report Blasts Santa Ana Schools AP Internal Use Only
O.C. Grand Jury criticizes continued focus on bilingual teaching...

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