April 21, 2004

Father of Dual Citizenship to Speak
Mexican Reconquista Meeting

Jorge Bustamante Was the Brains Behind Takeover Scheme

Jorge Bustamante, president of the College of the Northern Border in Tijuana and a leading Mexican migration expert - is also a professor of sociology at Indiana's Notre Dame University.
Dual Citizenship Designed to "defend the interests of Mexico"
(AP) - The passage of Proposition 187 in 1994 was a threat to the Mexican takeover of California. Mexico and her allies, including the Ford Foundation, were worried that such an act by American voters would bypass the open borders crowd in Washington. To counter this, they wanted all Mexicans to be able to vote in the U.S. to defeat such measures in the future. The plan to do this was launched by Jorge Bustamante on March 21, 1995. He will be speaking at the Reconquista meeting on April 28 in Mexico City along with the head of Southwest Voter - an organization that works to get dual citizens to vote for takeover.
Red DotSee Spencer's correspondence with NY Times reporter regarding dual citizenship

Bonds of Our Union - Part II -- The Video
MEXICAN DRUGS: This segment proves that Mexico and Mexican drug lords are targeting American kids. "There is no question that hatred of Americans is behind the Mexican drug war. This is part of Reconquista, and they are targeting our children," said video producer Glenn Spencer.
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