April 20, 2004

Southwest Voter Joins Reconquista Meeting
Well Known Mexican Fifth Column Has History of Anti-Americanism
A History of Reconquista
"As goes the Latino population of California so goes California and so goes America. That is what Southwest Voter must do, you must stand for our Latino future.
[In Spanish]
"How beautiful the new world that has a governor named Gonzalez, Hernandez or Martinez. Hispanic names for mayor of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego."
Henry Cisneros -- SVREP Dinner, July 15, 1997

SVREP is an outgrowth of La Raza Unida Party

Bonds of Our Union - Part II -- The Video
MEXICAN DRUGS: This segment proves that Mexico and Mexican drug lords are targeting American kids. "There is no question that hatred of Americans is behind the Mexican drug war. This is part of Reconquista, and they are targeting our children," said video producer Glenn Spencer.
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