April 14, 2004

ABP Airborne Infrared Cam Test Successful
Full Nighttime Surveillance Flights Coming Soon

Infrared Image Shot at 6:45 am PDT April 14
Palominas, Arizona -- April 14 (ABP) -- American Border Patrol pushes the technology envelope ahead by flying the Border Hawk UAV using an autonomous GPS guidance system with infrared camera equipment aboard. The flight was made in the early morning hours so that visual contact could be maintained with the aircraft. Missions will be flown in full darkness very soon. Testing continued after 7 am using high resolution day vision camera equipment.

 Bonds of Our Union - Part II -- The Video
Red DotBeginnings: Segment deals with the clash between the Mexican and U.S. cultures.
Red DotConquest of Aztlan: Segment deals with Mexico's attempt to place the southwest United States under its jurisdiction.
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