April 13, 2004

Airline Passengers' Lives Depend on Sham IDs
Department of Homeland Security Accepts Matricula Consular Cards

Composite created by American Patrol
Lou Dobbs 'Tonight' - April 12
Illegal Aliens Board Airlines Using Phony IDS - Accepted by Our Government
[Over 100 illegals were caught aboard Continental and American Airlines flights from L.A. to Newark last week. This is 'Homeland Security?']
Lisa Sylvester: "They may have used Mexican Matricula cards that are accepted as valid forms of ID by the Transportation Security Administration."
Note: Reports says the Arizona border crackdown might be causing illegals to fly instead.... but how would they get to the airport to begin with?
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 Bonds of Our Union - Part II -- The Video
Red DotBeginnings: Segment deals with the clash between the Mexican and U.S. cultures.
Red DotConquest of Aztlan: Segment deals with Mexico's attempt to place the southwest United States under its jurisdiction.
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