April 10, 2004

Immigration Law Enforcement
The Rest of the Story
How the Ford Foundation Subverted America in the 90s

Lou Dobbs Tonight Show
April 9 -- Beginning in the early 1990s enforcement of U.S. Immigration Laws all but disappeared. As shown in the chart at left, shown on the Lou Dobbs Tonight report, fines levied against against employers for hiring illegal aliens dropped by 99% in ten years.
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The Rest of The Story: The Ford Foundation Did It -- Video Exposes Sinister Plot
Robert Bach, shown at left, set immigration enforcement policy under the Clinton Administration. In video documentary, Immigration: Threatening the Bonds of Our Union - Part II, Treachery and Treason in America, American Patrol shows how Bach subverted America's laws and allowed illegal immigration to explode.
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American Patrol's 'Bonds of Our Union - Part II' Video will
be posted here in several segments beginning on Monday, April 12

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