April 4, 2004

American Patrol Attacked on
Floor of Georgia State Senate
March 19 Speech Riddled With Lies and Threats

Sam Zamarripa On Floor of Georgia Senate, March 19, 2004 -- See transcript
State Senator Sam Zamarripa: "What you have before you ­ I wanted to share this with you ­ is what is called the Zamarripa Watch. This is a site that is dedicated to following my activities here in the Senate and it has been here for more than a year. It is propagated by a group that originates, not in Georgia, but originates in Idaho. And the name of that group is the American Border Patrol. The American Border Patrol has affiliations with a number of well-known and well-established white supremacy organizations. They are extremely well organized ­ they are well funded ­ and they know how to target issues like immigration to their own best interests." [Related D.A. King Column] [See handouts given to legislators that started the flap]
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Response: The Zamarripa Watch is maintained by American Patrol, not American Border Patrol. American Patrol is located in California, not Idaho. It has affiliations with no one, especially white supremacy organizations. American Patrol has one consultant who works part time. It has hardly any money at all. This man is a liar. -- Glenn Spencer

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