March 30, 2004

Massive Invasion Spills Onto ABP's Front Lawn
Three Illegal Aliens From Mexico City in Our Front Yard

Three illegal aliens wait for the Border Patrol in front yard of ABP headquarters. ABP's UAV Ground Control Station can be seen at the rear.
They're Everywhere!
Sierra Vista, Arizona - March 30 - 4 pm MST (ABP) -- The massive invasion of America across the Mexican border is so severe that stragglers are showing up on the doorstep of American Border Patrol. At 4 p.m. today, while Glenn Spencer was doing a radio talk show, three illegal aliens strolled past ABP headquarters. While he still on the air, Spencer went outside and asked the illegal aliens to wait for the Border Patrol. They were given water and thirty minutes later the Border Patrol showed up and trucked them off. They said they were from Mexico City and got separated from a larger group in the night. (They will be back tomorrow, you can be sure.)

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