March 28, 2004

Graf Challenges Kolbe for Arizona House Seat
Illegal Immigration To Be Major Issue

Randy Graf running against fellow Republican Jim Kolbe . His Web site is
Graf Attacks Kolbe's Amnesty Proposal
Sierra Vista, AZ -- March 27 -- Graf: "Of course there is no better example of the congressman's disregard for the opinion and best interests of this district and the nation than his [Kolbe's] proposal to reward illegal aliens with amnesty. It is hard to imagine anything more un-American than to encourage people to come to our country break our laws and disrespect those who are here lawfully. My own involvement with border issues is well documented and my commitment to securing our borders is well known. I have been on the border with the brave men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol and I can tell you that they feel betrayed." -- "His promise of amnesty has caused hundreds of thousands of invade our country."
Red DotMarch 27 - Graf announces candidacy - Watch....
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