March 27, 2004

126 Invade Fort Huachuca
Army UAV and intelligence base site of big bust

Border Patrol vehicles on Ft. Huachuca Cemetery loading up 66 illegal aliens. Another group of 60 was located nearby.

"We're Headed for a Record Year"
Sierra Vista, Arizona (ABP) March 27 -- The Border Patrol rounded up 126 (one group of 66 and another of 60) illegal aliens this morning - and they were on the Ft. Huachuca Military Reservation, home of the Army's Intelligence branch. One of the Border Patrol Agents was heard to say, "We're headed for a record year."

Ft. Huachuca is site of training operations for Army unmanned aerial vehicles. The Department of Homeland Security recently announced it would start using UAVs this June, but they aren't ours - they're Israeli (the Hermes 1500 UAV).

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