March 25, 2004

64 Intruders in 1 Hr., 15 Min. and 1/4 Mile
American Border Patrol Documents Massive Invasion

File Photos

Retired Officer Leads Group
U.S./Mexico Border

    A team of American Border Patrol volunteers used ABP's IR 250 infrared camera to spot three separate groups of suspected border intruders Wednesday night. One lone crosser was also seen.

DotTime Interval
7:30 pm -- Group of 29
Dot7:45 pm -- One lone crosser
Dot8:27 pm -- Group of 12
Dot8:45 pm -- Group of 22

    All of the intruders passed into the U.S., crossing the border within 1/4 mile of each other.
    In each instance the ABP volunteers called the Border Patrol. In no instance did they observe any Border Patrol enforcement activity. The lead volunteer is a retired law enforcement officer.
    The infrared camera radio link was not working properly and recordings were not made. The photos at left were taken of similar groups in the same area.

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