March 15, 2004

80-Year-Old Charged with Assault
Maydell Purvis Unmasked Screaming Aggressor at March 6 Rally

Maydell Purvis charged with pulling mask off protester at March 6 rally. Wearing masks at a public event is illegal in many jurisdictions, including Washington, D.C.
Tucson Police Go After Brave American
When angry protesters screamed in her face, Maydell Purvis, an eighty-year-old resident of Tucson, had enough. She reached up and pulled the down the mask of the aggressor. Now she has been charged with assault by the Tucson Police Department (see complaint). She must appear in court on March 17. Glenn Spencer, president of American Border Patrol said he asked the police to remove the protesters but they refused. "We paid over $1,000 to use the park that day, but the police refused to separate these aggressors from us ." Spencer said.
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