March 12, 2004

Erasing America's Borders
Bush to Exempt Mexico from "U.S. Visit" Program

Michael Cutler, former Senior Special Agent, INS, is with the Center for Immigration Studies.
Lou Dobbs 'Tonight' -- CNN -- March 11
As a former agent familiar with those now serving with the Border Patrol and immigration what has been the reaction to the president's concession to Vicente Fox over the last weekend on exempting them from the U.S. Visit program?
Cutler: I think we're all outraged. As it is we have a visa waiver program with 28 countries were we are not properly screening these folks. And now we are exempting those 28 countries from U.S. Visit which is supposed to record photographs, fingerprints, other biometrics to keep track of who's here. And now to tell Mexico that we are going to exempt their people is counter intuitive and makes no sense to any of us.
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