March 2, 2004

Border Hawk 'Nabs' American Legion Writer
Spotted Touring Border Area

Arrow shows vehicle used by American Legion writer on second pass by Border Hawk II. (First, closer pass, was not recorded. )
"We Went Looking For Him"
The American Legion Magazine is doing a story on the border. On Thursday, February 26, Jeff Stoffer, their editor, interviewed American Border Patrol. As they were told that he would be touring the border on Friday, Feb. 27, ABP went looking for him using the Border Hawk II UAV. Guess what? They found him! Jeff was really impressed and took a picture of the Border Hawk as it flew over him. "We went looking for him and found him," said Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol.
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Border Hawk II to be Featured at Rally
American Border Patrol's Border Hawk II will be featured at the March 6 rally in Tucson, Arizona. According to Mike Christie, Director of Operations for ABP, the Border Hawk will be mounted above the stage so that its camera can be used to send live video of the event out over the Internet.

Tucson Rally - March 6
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